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Meet our Members

  • Komal Rizvi

  • Erin Howley

    Erin Howley is an educator and artist whose work deepens relational learning within organizations and collectives. With more than a decade of work ...
  • Kyoko Yokoma

    I am a documentary filmmaker, the founder of KNIT Vision Media / ConnectedEarth. I have recently released "Between Allah & Me (and Everyone Else)" a d ...
  • Brigitte Sopher

  • Nadya Edwards

    mixed-media artist. photographer. jeweller. teacher. passionate. wanna-be buddhist. minimalist with too much stuff. a work-in-progress.
  • Sandra Nagy

  • Dianne Green

    I'm a First Nations artist who paints on canvas, wood,stone, birchbark with acrylic paint. I also work for York Board of Education as an educational a ...
  • Artistica Arts & Entertainment Group

    We are an arts & entertainment company providing variety shows, solo, duo, and trio acts, for special events, and public shows, incorporating singers ...
  • Pixelman

    Pixelman is the only educational academy which has a special focus on the short term practical digital arts.
  • Elaine Joy Roach

    Elaine crafts beautiful paper into small treasures. Her paper paintings and handmade stationery cherish the human connection. She is a compulsive co ...
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