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Creative Space Feasibility Study

The York Region Arts Council (YRAC) and Shadowpath Theatre Productions received an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant to explore and recommend innovative models for sustainable mixed-use arts and culture facilities.

The first phase of our research was to visit a wide range of creative facility owners and operators with the intention of gaining a deeper understanding of functional business models and partnerships that enable these spaces to exist and thrive.

The second phase of our study was to gain input from stakeholders within York Region to assess needs, cultural priorities, readiness and what viable model(s) can look like here.

The third and final phase of the study is a report and action plan in the form of a written document and podcast. Listen to the podcast here.

You can view the written version of the report HERE!


Podcast speakers:

Samantha Wainberg, Executive Director, York Region Arts Council

Alex Karolyi, Artistic Director, Shadowpath Theatre Productions 

Scott Jarvie, Digital Media Producer, New Cinematics

Mahtab Abdollahi, Visual Artist

Podcast recorded and edited by:

Pezmosis Music Productions with special thanks to Mark Pezzelato.

Organizations mentioned in the recording:

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA),


Akin Collective,

Aurora Cultural Centre,

Newmarket Group of Artists,


The York Region Creative Space Feasibility Study is a research initiative of Shadowpath Theatre Productions in partnership with the York Region Arts Council. 

This project was made possible by the generous contribution of the Ontario Trillium Foundation (insert OTF logo). 


Section 37:

Section 37 of the Planning Act permits municipalities to pass a by-law authorizing increases in height and density of development beyond what is permitted in the relevant zoning by-law in exchange for “facilities, services or matters” set out in the by-law. There are precedents where “community benefits” result in funds or in-kind space provided for arts spaces, such as the Toronto Media Arts Centre (TMAC). 

Municipal Accommodation Tax:

As of January 1, 2018 all single-tier and lower-tier municipalities have the authority to put a municipal accommodation tax in place. This is not a requirement for local municipalities. If the tax is implemented in a municipality, 50% of funds is intended to go towards tourism infrastructure expenses and the other 50% of revenue should be shared with an eligible tourism entity (non-profit organization) and must be used for the exclusive purpose of promoting tourism. Where applicable, arts and cultural spaces that align with a tourism mandate may be able to benefit from revenue associated with this new tax, both from an infrastructure and promotion perspective. To learn more about the Tourism Accommodation Tax, TIAO has complied helpful FAQs.


Shadowpath Theatre Productions and the York Region Arts Council received a 12 month (September 2017 through August 2018) $57,200 Seed grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to conduct a feasibility study as a first step in our mission to create space for the arts. The need for this study was born out of years of stakeholder input about the lack of accessible creative facilities to produce and present work. As such, many York Region creatives move away, practice outside of the Region or develop insular methods for creating. Shadowpath and YRAC have experienced overwhelming feedback about the need for collaborative and cross-functional artistic space. Our ultimate vision is to shift the community's overall artistic landscape and provide a vehicle for artists of all disciplines to develop and present their craft to their fullest potential.

About Shadowpath Theatre Productions:

Shadowpath is a registered charitable organization and has been turning everyday spaces into creative places since 2002. Shadowpath is the recipient of Newmarket’s Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award for Innovation, 2016 and Richmond Hill’s Creativity Connected Award for Best Innovation for their Café Cruise project in 2016.

About York Region Arts Council:

The York Region Arts Council (YRAC) is the only York Region-wide nonprofit charitable arts service organization focused on capacity building, creative placemaking and community engagement in support of artists, arts organizations and creative entrepreneurs.

About the Ontario Trillium Foundation:

The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) is an agency of the Government of Ontario and one of Canada’s largest granting foundations. With a budget of over $136 million, OTF awards grants to some 1,000 projects every year to build healthy and vibrant Ontario communities.

SpaceFinder York Region is a free matchmaking tool for renters looking for creative space, and spaces looking to promote their rentals.

Venues can market unbooked rental space by creating a listing and uploading a digital calendar, while creatives can discover space based on location, price, amenities, up-to-date availability and more.

SpaceFinder offers a large-scale solution for artists and creative spaces in York Region. Billed as an "air bnb" for artists, SpaceFinder is a free online tool for artists to search for space, and for creative spaces to promote their rentals. SpaceFinder is designed to help increase the visibility of creative space, helping artists easily find space, and helping venues promote their under-utilized rental space.  
Created by Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization based in New York, SpaceFinder is a first-of-its-kind online service that enables venues to market their spaces by creating listings with photos, rental rates and equipment, and uploading a digital calendar to the website. Artists and renters can search for creative workspaces that meet their needs based on location, price, amenities and up-to-date availability.
SpaceFinder first launched in Canada in November 2014 with SpaceFinder Toronto. Since introducing the tool to the city's creative community, it has become a primary resource for artists to discover creative space. SpaceFinder is currently active in three Ontario regions, including Toronto, Hamilton and Waterloo Region. The site is also active in British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba, as well as 15 U.S. cities. 
The York Region Arts Council has partnered with ArtsBuild Ontario to deliver this tool in addition to community partners; Town of Newmarket, Town of Richmond Hill, City of Markham, and Toronto and Region Conservation, to bring this tool to the community. SpaceFinder York Region is funded in part by the Government of Canada. 
SpaceFinder York Region is accepting space listings! If you have a creative space to list, please visit

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Also check out ArtsBuild Ontario's Resource Library, your one-stop destination for all things related to building, managing, greening, and financing arts facilities. Learn More

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Creative Trust

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Ministry of Ontario Programs and Grants

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport administers several funding and grant programs to eligible arts stakeholders, including the Museum and Technology Fund, Cultural Strategic Investment Fund and theCreative Communities Prosperity Fund

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Welcome to Ontario Trillium Foundation's Knowledge Centre

This is an online community for connecting Ontario’s nonprofit sector to create relationships, share knowledge, and build capacity with each other and beyond.

Overall, the Knowledge Centre is part of​ OTF’s commitment to support Ontario communities “beyond the grant” by giving you the opportunity to: 

  • Help build the capacity of the sector in learning about our Action Areas, Measurement, Open Data, and other topics of importance to the sector as they emerge. 
  • Build innovative and more personalized digital relationships with OTF and organizations just like yours, across the province and sector.
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Introducing the York Region Innovation and Entrepreneur Events Calendar

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We've been playing with this calendar that allows you to subscribe so that events (focused on entrepreneurs and innovation) in York Region show up on your computer and phone calendars.

Find out more in our newsletter:…/introducing-an-events-calendar-for-york…

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For What its Worth: A Toolkit for Navigating the Appraisal of Donated Works


As you have no doubt seen from emails, our toolkit on appraisals in currently underway! We will be working closely with the Art Dealers Association of Canada to develop the content over the next couple of months. 
As part of the research for the toolkit we are seeking members who have responded to our recent tool kit survey that would have time for a short phone conversation with our Content Consultant Ian Turner. Additional information will help us develop and research more efficiently and ensure the toolkit will be as useful to our members as possible.
If interested, please contact our Program Assistant Alexandra Loewen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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