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Take action – Province Cuts $15 Million to otf budget

The following is information taken from the Ontario Nonprofit Network’s website on the page “Let’s reverse cuts to communities” and modified to relate to speak to the needs of arts and culture organizations.

Let’s get the government to reverse a $15 million cut to communities

The government has just put your community at risk by withdrawing a promised $15 million to Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF); money that would have been granted out to community projects.

Funding that would have strengthened communities won’t be distributed. Like funding to fix the ice rink roof, support a local festival, buy community play equipment, provide meals to vulnerable people, and create jobs. We don’t want to see this happen – and we don’t think you do, either. You, your community, your neighbours, and your local nonprofits deserve better. So let’s convince the government to reverse this decision. Write to your MPP today. And ask others to, as well.  


Write today and say:
OTF’s $15 million funding needs to be restored. That funding is so valuable. It:

  • Strengthens local economies and community services
  • Create jobs
  • Meets real community need

And that funding is not easily replaced. Foundations, municipalities, and donors cannot fill the funding gap the government has just created. OTF is the only province-wide fund for all organizations, regardless of size or subsector, to support important community initiatives. In many rural and small communities, OTF is the only community grant-maker.

The government should keep its funding promise to OTF and to the hundreds of communities that rely on that money. We ask that the government reverse this decision right away and restore vital community funding.



Explain you want OTF’s $15 million restored, and share personal stories of how OTF funding has helped your community. Your MPP’s constituency office phone numbers and email addresses are online. Write to the MPP today and follow up with an in-person meeting shortly. Meet now while the legislature is in recess; your MPP will be available in your riding. When writing to your MPP, be sure to copy the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Michael Tibollo: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We sent a letter to the 10 MPPs in York Region so feel free to use ours as a template and do the same!

Enlist other local nonprofits and charities in the action. Write to your local community newspapers, call your local talk radio show and push out your points on social media (being sure to tag your local MPP). We have sent out a press release. Why not modify ours and send it to your local press? 

Share this with friends and colleagues who care about thriving communities.

For more information from the Ontario Nonprofit Network, visit

Update – Provincial Funding Cuts to OAC

In December 2018, the Provincial government announced it will cut base funding to the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) by $5 million, as well as more than $2 million to the Indigenous Culture Fund.

Below are several news articles that highlight further details and opinions on these cuts:

Global News, Ford government cuts funding to Ontario Arts Council, impacting Indigenous Culture Fund, December 14, 2018

Now Toronto, Ford government's cut to the Indigenous Culture Fund "an attack on reconciliation", December 15, 2018

CBC, 'It's heartbreaking': Indigenous artists mourn possible cuts to culture fund under review by PCs, December 15, 2018

canadianart, Artists Protest Ontario Arts Council Indigenous Culture Fund Cuts, December 19, 2018


Municipal Support for the Arts in York Region

Leading up to the 2018 municipal elections, YRAC convened and surveyed artists, cultural leaders and advocates across the Region to begin conversations around what arts advocacy means to them, and to pool questions they would like to ask candidates related to how they plan to support arts and culture in their community is elected.

You can read a summary of the process, communication and all candidate responses here

On behalf of all who contributed questions, YRAC disseminated a questionnaire to all candidates. Below are responses we received from those who were elected in October 2018 and are now in office:


Candidate Questions and Answers:



John Gallo, Councillor Candidate

Rachel Gilliland, Councillor Candidate


East Gwillimbury

Loralea Carruthers, Councillor Candidate Ward 1

Scott Crone, Councillor Candidate Ward 3

Tara DiClemente, Incumbent Councillor Candidate Ward 2

Cathy Morton, Councillor Candidate Ward 3

Joe Perscheni, Incumbent Councillor Candidate Ward 2



Margaret Quirk, Incumbent Mayoral Candidate 



Reid McAlpine, Councillor Candidate Ward 3



John Taylor, Mayoral Candidate

Tom Vegh, Regional Councillor Candidate 


Richmond Hill

Carmine Perrelli, Regional Councillor Candidate


Sandra Yeung Racco, Incumbent Councillor Candidate Ward 4


Sue Sherban, Councillor Candidate Ward 6

We encourage you to read the responses and follow up with your local mayor and councillors to see how they are making progress on their promises. Your can find contact information on each municipal website.

Municipal Support for the Arts in York Region

Stay tuned for exciting advocacy initiatives YRAC will be spearheading in 2019!


Thank you to our funders and partners!




The York Region Arts Council is grateful for the support of individuals who believe in the importance and beauty of art. The generosity of volunteers and donors is instrumental to the success of the York Region Arts Council.

Volunteer with Us

Volunteers provide a constant source of energy and enthusiasm to YRAC. Our volunteers enjoy being in an environment where art is the primary focus and take pleasure in being able to contribute and lend a hand to us. With various opportunities available, there are many rewards for our volunteers in addition to the chance to support the arts council with your time, energy and skills.

There is always something exciting going on at YRAC, and as a volunteer you can be part of the action.

Ways to Volunteer with Us


We hold many different events throughout the year. There are annual events such as the YRAC Arts and Culture Conference, and Fundraising Gala Dinner as well as a range of smaller and larger events throughout the year.


There is always work to be done in our busy administrative office. Volunteers perform a variety of clerical duties including: data entry, word processing, filing, sorting, collating, and stuffing envelopes for mailings.

Please fill out the form if you would like to volunteer with us.

Help us Grow

The York Region Arts Council (YRAC) is entering a new and exciting phase with new initiatives which will further strengthen and support artists and arts organizations. Our work is made possible by the dedication of our staff and volunteers, and the generous patronage of our funders and donors.

As a charitable, not-for-profit organization, YRAC actively seeks partnerships with public supporters, individuals, corporations and foundations. Without your strong partnership, we would not be able to grow our quality programming. Please consider making an individual donation below. 

As a donor, you will support continued grown and artistic excellence in York Region as we work to reach artists directly and impact the arts so that we at YRAC can engage the community fully. Your generosity will help support and champion a vibrant, dynamic arts community within York Region and enrich the lives of our citizens and the success of the York Region Arts Council.

This gift will support the creation and implementation of professional development programs for York Region based artists, arts organizations, and creative entrepreneurs. The Artrepreneur business accelerator, mentorship, and artist-in-residence programs are examples of the type of project your gift will contribute to growth.

Creatives who participate in these programs go on to have a significant impact on the local community and beyond. You have the opportunity to collectively enable this impact and we look forward to sharing all of the success stories with you!




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