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York Region Arts Council Youth Committee

Do you love poetry? Do you love trying new things?

Then come out to York Region Arts Council Youth Committee's first ever event! Participate in a workshop held by spoken word poet and freelance writer Sheniz Janmohamed to learn more about poetry and share some of your own pieces. There will be an opportunity to share what you've created in the workshop or to bring in your own original spoken word!

No previous experience required. Enjoy an evening of coffee and meeting new young aspiring artists! We can't wait to see you there!

Please note that this event is for youth aged 16-24! While we welcome artists of all ages, the Youth Committee is focused on developing young voices in the York Region arts and culture community.

The event will be Pay-What-You-Can. Please register online for free to attend. RSVP NOW. 

York Region Arts Council’s Youth Committee (YRAC Youth Committee) 

The York Region Arts Council’s Youth Committee is a group of dedicated youth-focused on making a positive impact on the arts and culture sector of York Region and beyond. They hope to express the importance of the arts and spread awareness of the arts as a profession and a passion. They are dedicated to removing the stigma around professions in the arts and want to help younger generations in setting goals aligned with their dream careers realistically and successfully. They want to develop a platform for youth artists to become leaders. 

The YRAC Youth Committee is passionate about building a community between youth artists and other generations. Through monthly meetings, the team works on planning for a staple event that will bring awareness and help educate youth on the available pathways in the arts. Their goal is to create spaces that make artists feel safe to share different ideas and media. 

YRAC Youth Committee Goals: 

  • To develop leadership opportunities for youth interested in the arts
  • To create a platform for the youth voice in developing new programs and opportunities for aspiring artists
  • To create a region-wide network of youth leaders to spread awareness of arts opportunities in York Region
  • Develop more pathways for youth to discover a career in the arts and/or become creative entrepreneurs within York Region and beyond
  • To support the YRAC mandate: creating a dynamic York Region arts and culture scene by increasing knowledge, communication and awareness

Note: hours put towards the Youth Committee can be used towards community service hours for High School students.

How to Apply:

Applications closed. 

If you have any questions about the Youth Committee, please email Deanna Galati at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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